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About SJ Painting

SJ Painting LLC has been providing professional residential and commercial painting

services in the Clarksville area since 2015. We are experienced in interior and

exterior painting, pressure washing, and wood stain. We are a passionate team

that is always looking for opportunities to meet new clients and establish long-

lasting relationships.


Our Experience

Salvador, the owner brings over 25 years of experience in the painting industry. He

started his painting career in Northern California in the early 90s. Soon he

discovered a passion for the trade and decided to become a member of Local 3

where he participated in several training classes and events to master his painting

skills. Salvador worked for 3 major companies in California in the Bay Area where

he had the opportunity to paint commercial landmarks such as Google in Mountain

View, Levy’s Stadium in Santa Clara, and NASA Ames Research & Visitor Center in

Mountain View, CA. He also painted a few prestigious universities: such as

Standford, U.C. Berkeley, and the San Jose Airport located in Santa Clara, CA.

Receive Your Free Estimate

Call us today to receive your free estimate on the project of your dreams!

Design & Construction Estimate

You can count on a completely personalized estimate for your project.

On-Site Consultations

We will come to you and together we will consult on all the needs about your project.

The Finishing

We promise to walk with you throughout the whole process!

Our Quality Guarantee

We relocated our business from Northern California to Clarksville in the winter of 2015 and we have been painting for over 25 years. We love serving people and businesses in our community with our passion, painting. 

We are here to provide you with the best quality work and customer service that we

can. The most exciting and rewarding part of our job is to be able to create

relationships with our customers. Whether is one wall, a home, an office, or a

building, we approach the job with the same integrity, respect, and enthusiasm

because every customer is a valued customer for us.


Our goal is to make your home or business look beautiful. Every job

we do, we do it as if we were doing it for our own mother, or for our home. We would like to

be the ones who paint your children, and grandchildren’s homes or your business.

Please give us a call to discuss your painting needs.

We offer free estimates and military discounts to honor and thank our uniform community.

We will make your dream project a reality!

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